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About Us

We are Steve, Alex, and Eli. We began the Wowiezone journey in early 2017.
Wowiezone provides unique merchandise that reflects our brand, available at the click of a mouse.

At Wowiezone we're all about passion. We traveled the world in airplanes and trains to experience different cultures and gain inspiration. 
Over the years we had a unique line of business such as bar's, coffee shops, restaurants and we were even DJ'ing back in the days at the most known world festivals and parties!

It has come to a time which we want to collect you, a unique individual from around the world and get inspired from your unique passions and choices at our shop in order to ensure and commit on bringing you the worlds most new & interesting peeks.

From fashion & clothes to electronics, music or spirituality, bikers, gothic, gamers or underground geeks, you name it!

if you have a passion, your place is with us!

Please feel free to look around, until you get that 'Wowie!' effect
and find that specific item that completely fits you!


Remember, If its related to passion, its related to Wowiezone.

Just thought we should leave it here.. this is how our recent long-lasting business trip looked like while looking for unique vendors and new inspirations.

Wowiezone Business Travel

yes.. we know..

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